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— Leonard Stein, M.A. SCI, certified teacher of TM since 1980

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Friday November 22, 2019 at 8 pm

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March 16, 2010


The words « Transcendental Meditation » may ring a bit abstract to some, or even exotic… But the practice is so simple !

I learnt the Transcendental Meditation technique ( TM) as a teenager, a long time ago…

As a high school student, some of my good friends were raving about how good TM is. And I could see this little spark in their eyes, some energy and inner wakefulness I wanted, too. I soon learnt and have never missed a meditation since : a few moments morning and afternoon to overcome stress and contact inner energy and silence — why skip it ?

But before learning, like many, I had not the slightest idea of what « meditating » really meant and it was certainly not my main concern. I remember this tiny poster in the school cafeteria, about a Transcendental Meditation course. And I remember commenting to a friend : « with such a name, must be a real complex philosophy involving standing on your head and burning incense sticks ! »

I was wrong. TM is actually so simple. No concentration, no effort, no mind control. But a spontaneous, deep relaxation, mental activity decreasing, inner silence. Lots of rest, calm, well-being. Simply sitting comfortably, eyes closed.

The word “meditation” means different things to different people, from philosophical enquiry to prayer. The TM technique is neither prayer nor reflecting about anything in particular, nor concentration ; it is about allowing the mind to settle down spontaneously to experience its own source.

The word “transcendental” is also mysterious : one will think of Kant’s philosophy, of the American transcendentalists, or even of a transe state. The word may frighten some as it may suggest what is beyond our control. “Transcendental” means that which is beyond. In the case of TM, that which is beyond our continual mental activity : inner silence, the source of thought, the non-changeing part of ourselves. Nothing to be frightened about, this is simply our own self, the Self with a capital “s”, that which we are deep down when we dive beyond our thoughts, worries, emotions, memories, plans, concerns, and so on.

Transcendental Meditation, in summary, is simply the natural process through which the restless mind progressively settles down to reconnect with its own source, our inner being, our Self. What could be more natural ? What is more important ? And what could be more refreshing than to plug into this source of energy, intelligence and creativity day after day ?

I’ll leave you now to go and meditate for a while…

Leonard Stein


March 6, 2010

Thirty years of teaching TM

Thirty years ago exactly, I was back in Geneva as a newly trained teacher of Transcendental Meditation.  March seemed cold here after nine months of intensive training in Thaïland…

I first taught TM to my father, who had recently undergone heart surgery. As a scientist, he had examined the research published on TM and felt it could be good for him. In his first meditations, he noticed that he did not feel the small noise of the artificial valve installed during surgery, which bothered him at every heartbeat : a remarkable proof of the metabolic rate spontaneously going down during TM.

A few days ago, one of my recent students told me after the first few minutes of meditation : “I feel like I’m diving within myself, without doing anything in particular… »

People feel some good effect right from the first days of meditation.

In all those years of teaching, I have answered the questions of thousands of people and taught TM to many of them. What a joy to see such diverse people starting to enjoy and unfold their potential through a few simple instructions. What a privilege to have learned at an early age a profession to give anyone the key to overcoming stress and contacting inner energy. I feel grateful to life and I can only wish that anyone interested may enjoy the benefits of TM day after day.

Leonard Stein


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